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Screen Printing

Traditional Screen Printing is a print method that uses a plastisol ink to paint your design on a garment. A design is broken down into separate colors representing different screens. Ink is applied and physically pushed through the screen onto the garment.

This is a high quality process that is meant for designs with solid colors. The maximum amount of colors we offer for this method is 6, and it can be applied to any desired print location with the exception of going over seams.

The largest pallet we use for this method is 16x18 inches and can accommodate designs that fit within that space.

Printing across areas, such as front-to-sleeve can not be achieved with this method.

If a client is not using our graphic design team for art assistance, we ask that all designs be sent to us as print ready files.

What do we mean by print ready? This means that we should have no editing or adjustments to do on our end; every detail in the provided design is to be printed. For traditional screen printing, the best format for a print ready file is an expanded Adobe Illustrator vector file.

There no minimums on screen printing
The minimum to receive wholesale pricing for screen printing is 12 units per design.

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